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Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP


  • a setting where in confidence you can openly reflect on and discuss your life; where you are able to clarify your situation with an experienced psychotherapist who listens to and accompanies you in German, French, Italian, English or Spanish?
  • a setting where you are assured the space and time to hear your inner voice?
  • a setting where, secured by the oath of professional confidentiality, a skilled therapist works with you to try to understand how and why your present situation is as it is; where respect for you, others and for the uncommon is present?
  • a therapist adept at comprehending and accepting your pain, disappointment, anger, despair and vulnerability; who recognises and understands your feelings of powerlessness; who works with you to find the strength that will enable you to reshape present paths and environments or to find new ones?
  • a therapist cognizant and appreciative of all that you have experienced, suffered and achieved; who perceives your gifts and talents; your strength and courage; who respects the network of relationships that you cultivate, which is important to you and within you live?
  • a therapist who offers interest in your creative expression through spoken or written word, pictures, paintings, photographs, three-dimensional designs or creations, music, in any form of expression that can be integrated into a psychotherapeutic environment?
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